Life in Season is a blog about the realities of life. I am a woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister and a friend; someone who is here to share things that will help your days seem not as hectic. Having navigated through many years of life, the one thing that I’ve learned (that has STUCK) is life is full of seasons: childhood, adulthood, parenthood etc. These seasons are fluid which ultimately means, we are fluid and constantly changing. Do I believe the same things today as I did when I was a 16 year old?? Nope, and that’s because of life and the experiences I’ve had. We change as the seasons change; AND THAT’S OK!

My hope for this blog is to connect with others who need to feel like their life and their struggles or frustrations are completely relevant and normal. I never want someone to feel as though they’re the only one going through a tough time or a certain challenge. We are all in this together and I’m here to shed some light on times when you think you might not get through

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