Organizing The Toys…Functionally

Are you a to the point where you want to scream whenever you walk into the living room or the playroom and there are toys ALL OVER the place. What about when you “put them away” it still doesn’t look neat and tidy. Or you put everything away but it’s not in a functional manner for the kids to access their toys.

I was in the same boat as you until I adapted this organization method. There are expensive versions and there are inexpensive versions. The perks to this method are: 1. Everything can be put away off the ground. 2. Even if the toys have 100 pieces, this system will keep the pieces together. 3. It will always look tidy. 4. The kids can get to their toys AND put them away EASILY! Yes, I just said the kids can put their own toys away-SHOCK! And lastly, 5. This system is ideal for space saving.

Ok, so here’s my system…it’s super basic but it changed my clutter game, SIGNIFICANTLY. The system I use is the cube storage system. I have found this is the simplest way to keep toys organized and it also helped my kids with using one toy at a time. Don’t get me wrong there are still many days they grab all the toys and dump them out. But this way when it’s time to clean up they know each “toy” has it’s own bin.

First, you’re going to need to grab a cube storage system; my go-to, for just about anything is Target. These cube storage systems come in so many different colors, stains, dimensions, quality, etc. So you’re going to want to find one that fits with 1. your budget and 2. your style. That was also the beauty of this system is it can go in ANY home or apartment. Here’s a basic “espresso” style. I prefer this style because it looks sleek and clean with pretty much any wall color.

Next, is where you can get even more creative! These cube systems have SO many different baskets, containers, bins, etc. to choose from. Here’s a couple of options that will work, as you can see the price range starts around $5.00 and goes up from there depending on where you shop and what type of bin/basket you want.

In my playroom, I use the plastic bins with lids on them; and here’s why. Although you’re probably thinking this looks a little bit tacky, it is actually the most functional for my kids. They are able to see what is in the bin which makes picking a toy easier because they don’t have to pull the bin out and look inside. In addition to this, they had a LID (can I get a amen!). Most of my kid’s toys have tiny pieces that get lost or mixed in with other toys. This bin with the lid keeps each toy “set” if you will, together. EXAMPLE:

SO MANY PIECES!!!! Ergo, each toy gets it’s own bin. The other reason I really like the plastic bins is because you can stack them. I can put two bins in one cube, which means…SPACE SAVER! This system has made my life so much easier, in addition to helping my kids learn about organization. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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