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Green Smoothie


As a mom, mornings are pretty much ALWAYS hectic. From needing to wake up WELL before the rest of the family, to making breakfast, making lunches, getting kids dressed, brushing teeth, making sure everyone has their backpacks and school supplies for the day, and OH don’t forget… yourself have to get ready to if you’re heading into work as well.

So much happens in the morning, often I forget to make something for myself to eat to get me through the business. I have adapted this green smoothie recipe into my daily routine and it has changed my mornings. Now, if I’m being honest, there are some mornings I don’t make this smoothies and that mostly because I just don’t feel like a smoothie (and that’s ok!). Just because we call something a “routine” doesn’t mean we have to 100% of the time, stick to it. Remember my who premise in life is about being fluid, adapting and being kind to yourself.

There are days when I want to have a ginormous breakfast with my family and not worry about the nutritional value of what I’m eating. And like I said, that’s ok! The difference with this type of eating is that I’m not doing it everyday. Balance out and be kind to yourself; basic principles. ok, now to the goods…

This smoothie consists of:

The “recipe” for this smoothie is really flexible depending on your taste preference. My ratios are:

Blend it all up, throw it back or take it with you on the road. It holds really well, which is why I will typically drink it in the car while we sit in traffic or between one of my four school drop off destinations (insert exhaustion). This smoothie can hold me over until lunch time, on most days. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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