As you can remember, we recently got a puppy in April. Our cutie pie is going to be one the beginning o f March. We didn’t really put too much research into dog products before getting our little guy because we thought all products were created equal….Noooooope: we were wrong!

I was purchasing cheap-o poop bags because I figured, it’s poop, why does it need a fancy bag??? Well cut to me getting entirely frustrated at several different poop bags because they weren’t holding the poop, they were ripping open or they just couldn’t hold more than one poop…..boy I’ve never typed poop so much in my life! After fumbling through many different bags, I also realized I wanted a bag that was responsibly made using recycled materials. My family and I are really trying our best to minimize our carbon footprints. Now, believe me when I say we are taking baby steps to achieve this, but we are making conscious decisions about the products we use.

Cue, these magical poop bags! You have to try them, they are the sturdiest bags on the market. Earth Rated is also an amazing company because they work closely with animal shelters & rescues across North America. Purchasing Earth Rated helps support rescues and shelters through product donation. I mean, come on! It doesn’t get much better than that.

The link above will send you straight to these amazing poop bags on amazon! Happy poop scooping 🙂

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