Mama remember: soothing, feeding, cradling, comforting your babies – IS WORK.⁣

We often feel we have that laundry list (literally laundry) of tasks that we must finish in order to feel “accomplished” and “adequate” as mothers. ⁣
Somehow our most important job, raising our babies, has somehow become “not enough.”⁣
That if you solely just do that throughout your day, you really didn’t do anything at all…⁣

Sounds crazy.⁣

But raising a child, or a few, in itself, is a job. ⁣
The house and home are just bonus work. In fact, they are at the way way bottom of the list. Like, they weren’t even in the job description… it just got thrown at you once you got the job. ⁣

So mama, ⁣
if all that you did today, and yesterday, and all of last week, ⁣
was make sure that your babies were taken care of- then you did it. ⁣
You accomplished your job. ⁣
You are adequate as a mother, whether you finished your “bonus tasks” or not. ⁣
And you are putting. in. the. WORK



Rating: 1 out of 5.


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