Why I Joined Savvi

Here’s why I joined Savvi…

I started because I needed something more in my life. A short glimpse into our life: when 2020 hit and COIVD shut everything down, our beloved restaurant was 100% affect by it. We had to shut the doors of our only stream of income…back up just a tad, I was let go from my job at the beginning of COVID. We were forced to shut the restaurant doors after about 5 months into lockdowns. We were at an all time low. No money, no jobs to be had, five children to try our very best to keep a roof over their heads and to keep food on the table. We were spinning.

After some serious soul searching, and divine intervention, my husband was able to establish his own catering company (yay!) but it still wasn’t enough. By this point, school were shut down indefinitely, which meant, our 5 children were home, ALL THE TIME. I HAD to stay home with our kids because of lovely (sarcasm to the fullest) distance learning. There was no way I could take a job outside of our home because I had 5 kids to get onto calls and do homeschooling with. That quite literally was a job in itself.

So catering business wasn’t enough, I couldn’t work outside our home, bills weren’t being paid, we still weren’t even remotely back on our feet. I like to tell people it felt like we were dropped in the middle of the ocean with only one lifejacket for my family of 7. Constantly on the verge of drowning but didn’t quite drown. 


Cut to, me finding the businesses I run. I found a way to help support my family from home. In the time of distance learning and being a SAHM, I realized that was where my happy place was. Even though homeschooling took every ounce of being, I loved being at home with my kids. When I first started working with Savvi, I planned on doing it as some passive income, just to make ends meet, to help keep the lights on & put food on the table. What I didn’t realize it that it was going to lead to such a bigger opportunity.

I started running my beloved business from home and I found 

1. Income to support my family

2. More of a purpose for myself. 

I realized how much joy my clients were getting from the products they purchased and how much I loved talking to them and hearing their story. I wasn’t just selling leggings, I was spreading joy to a woman who hadn’t looked at her self in a positive manner, for 10+ years. I got to hear a story of how a woman felt sexy again after wearing Savvi. I listened to my client cry because she finally found a pair of leggings that actually fit and flatter her body. I found joy, excitement, delightfulness, empowerment & happiness. Savvi has been one of the best things that’s happened to me.

This is my why. I had a bank account at $0 and 5 kids to feed. 

What’s your why??

Whatever your why is, I’m here and Savvi is ready for you. Click this link to get started, or you can message me/email and I can answer whatever questions you have. I hope you’ll consider becoming part of this unbelievable community.

xx Kelsey


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