How To Start Your Own Boutique

Tate + Zoey is an amazing company to be an affiliate with. The community that comes with being part of the company is extremely supportive and very much go progressive. Tate + Zoey want you to succeed, the corporate side of things provides you with everything you need in order to run your boutique. When Tate + Zoey first approached me I was sold. I was a brainless choice for me because I took one look at the merchandise and was in love. If I could fall in love so fast, I knew others would too.

I’ve now built a successful boutique business and on a mission to help other individuals thrive. I am available to mentor anyone who may be interested in starting their own boutique or even just dabbing into the affiliate marking game in general. If you’re interested in starting here’s the basics of Tate + Zoey:

Our Mission is to change lives with a gift

Our Vision is to create a lasting legacy, the ultimate gift

Our Values are authenticity, connectivity and fun.

Online Gift Boutique:

*Only $79 to join – includes products and 4 months of website maintenance 

*Product packs available for newbies to kickstart their business

*fun, personal, memorable on-trend gifts


*NO monthly quotas!

*Empowering community with full training & marketing resources

*New product launches every 1-3 months

*Free online gift planner

*Gifting experience is unique with personalized cards to each recipient

*Earn up to 40% commissions on personal sales.

If this looks like something you’re interested in, let’s have a chat! Or if you’re ready to hit the ground running, hit the link to take you to the set up page.


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