10 Gift Ideas for Real Estate Agents

You did it! You made the sale, you close on the house, your clients are through the roof excited for their new adventure of being home owners! But you can’t just walk away from them without a gift. For the final seal the deal gesture, real estate agents everywhere are giving closing or selling gifts to their clients. These gifts are a last thoughtful gesture to send your clients on their way – and maybe keep you in mind for the future if they decide to sell or buy again!

I understand you don’t want to cut into your profits too much with gifts so I’ve compiled 10 closing gifts that won’t break the bank.

  1. This Is Us Memory Stick

2. Congratulations Candle & Gather Farmhouse Decor

3. Thankful & Blessed Farmhouse Containers & Beer Me Set

4. Whiskey Glass Set

5. Spiraling Cheese Board

6. Cutting Board

7. Home Decor Pieces – $24 and under

8. Animal Lovers

9. Cappuccino Mugs

10. Stay Home and Relax set

Feel free to contact me at lifeinseason2020@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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