How to Never Forget a Gift

If you’re anything like me, your memory might not be as efficient as it used to (silent sob). However, I’ve got a lot of Italian in me, which means I’m a big GIVER. I always try to make sure everyone gets some sort of gift for their birthday, anniversary, graduation, baby shower, Valentines, Date night, Girls night…you name it, I’m the one giving a gift. Unfortunately, with this foul memory of mine, I often forget. But NOT ANYMORE!

We now offer a free gift planner – what’s that? Well, it’s a planner where you can enter in all the special dates you’re going to gift someone (pst, look above at all those gift giving dates). The gift planner will give you a reminder as the date is approaching, to help alleviate the pressure to remember someone’s special day. It’s been a game changer for me and I hope you reap the benefits of it as well!

Get started with your gift planner today & NEVER miss a gift giving opportunity again!


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