Affordable Athlesiure Wear

I am just ecstatic to share with you that Savvi clothes have all been reduced in price! Here’s the back story:

Savvi pre-launched right when the pandemic hit. That means all of our manufactures, supply chains, warehouses, staff, all the above, were basically put on hold unless you were the highest bidder. We very well could have chosen to go with a cheaper (out sourced) company but the quality wasn’t going to be the same. We strive for the highest quality of athleisure wear, and because of this, we had to pay a high premium to get the products to our customers.

Ergo, the high prices for our customers to purchase products. Well, I am so happy to report, that after two years in the making, building those relationships and working to keep quality right where it is, we have secured lower pricing!

Now we very well could have been like most other companies and just taken a higher profit margin, hello fill our pockets and empty yours. BUT savvi isn’t like that. We are a community based business, meaning we want our clients and all of our affiliates to feel the love and know we’ve got their back.

That being said, the reduction in production cost, went right back to all of you! We lowered the price so now our clothes are more affordable and can be worn by so many more women.

On the site you’ll see prices reductions ranging from $10-$45 off on items. This is immediate, no waiting, shop now and enjoy the benefits of shopping with savvi.

Start shopping savvi.

I couldn’t be more excited to be partnered with Savvi! If you’re looking for a community like Savvi, let’s have a chat! There are many available positions to make some extra money, or turn it into a full career. Email me for more info.


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