Life in season is a blog about the realities of life. I am a woman, mom of 5, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I am someone who is here to shed light on normalcy and to help you through. I hold a Master’s in Human Development, to which I have a few tips and tricks for you parents.

One thing I’ve learned so far in life is, that is life is full of seasons: childhood, adulthood, parenthood etc. These seasons are continually changing, which means we have to be adaptable and fluid. Our minds were not designed to stay in one season, we change, and despite what you may think; CHANGE IS GOOD.

My hope for this blog is to connect with others who need to feel like their life and their struggles or frustrations are completely relevant and normal. I never want someone to feel as though they’re the only one going through a tough time or a challenging season. Many parents are turning to social media for support but it can be more damaging than helpful at times. If you want raw, real, life, and some HACKS, you’re in the right spot.

Thanks for being here!

xx Kelsey

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