About My Family

Motherhood is such a rollercoaster of an experience. Here’s a brief lowdown of my motherhood situation…

I met my husband in February of 2011 and at this point in his life he had an 18 month old and a 3 year old. Needless to say, I have had the pleasure of being their “step mom” for just about 10 years now. I explain this briefly because you will find in my blogging that I refer to me having 5 children. My husband and I added 3 more of “ours” children to the bunch. In an “official” capacity, I have 2 step children and 3 biological children. But here’s the deal, I do not treat or parent my “step children” any different than my biological children. I have them on my mind 24/7, just as our “ours” children. Some people will take totally offense to me claiming the children as mine but that’s their choice. I do not try to take the place of their mother. I am simply, another mother for them. Some people will say “bonus children” or they will simply say “step children” but personally, when I hear either of those, I tend to think the children are secluded and treated differently than the other children. We are a whole, a TRIBE is what we call ourselves. I have 5 children, because I would lay my life on the life for them day in and day out. They are my world, my purpose for working so hard at life. They receive just as much love and attention as the three babies I grew inside me.

If it bothers you, I’m happy to hear your point of view. If you are too “scared” to claim your steps as your own, I happy to shed light on that as well.

Life as a mom is hard enough, lets not make it more complicated with labels.

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