Marriage in a nutshell

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Marriage is beautiful, messy, complicated, stressful, heartfelt, satisfying, adventurous and courageous, to say the least. What’s the goal? To make it to the “end” with your beloved. That’s not to say there won’t be some major road bumps along the way. Marriage takes a lot of work and unfortunately, there isn’t a handbook for it (not like men would read it if there were, haha!) A marriage takes the constant reminder that you chose your partner, you dedicated and promised to show up and nurture the relationship for all the rest of your life. The road will get tough, the fights will get nasty, the communication may break down, the lust will vanish, the curiosity & wonder will try to sneak in, the urge to quit will fester it’s way in, the flame that once fueled everything – may die down…But that doesn’t mean it’s over.


The seasons of marriage are constantly changing. We as people, change as we progress through life, our marriage will too. The person we were when we said “I do” might not be the same person you’re married to 40 years from now- but that’s not a bad thing! We grow, we adapt, we find a way of accepting our partner as they are and embracing the changes to come. We do this in with the hopes our partner will do the same for us. How is that achieved? By the first thing that started the relationship in the first thing…talking.


As we venture through life together, there are will be times when we forget how to talk to our partner. More so, we assume they know what we’re thinking because we’ve been together for so long. But remember, we change as we grow older, so does our thinking. We must not assume anything. If you have a question, ask. If you need to get something off your chest, say it. If you don’t like a behavior or action, speak up. Our words are our weapon and our saving grace when it comes to marriage. We mustn’t forget that.

And lastly, simply try. Try everyday to put your best foot forward. This is the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with remember? No effort goes unnoticed, no matter how big or small. Show up, do the work, fight for your loved one, fight for the relationship, admire how far you’ve come and be curious about where the road goes from here. And always, say “I love you.”


On Any Given Day…

On any given day as a parent, do you feel over it?

When you realize parenting is a lot harder than you thought it would be.

And the parenting aspect of being a Mom/Dad really isn’t that fun.

Sometimes you think back to the times of before you had kids…and miss it.

This is your gentle reminder that those feelings are normal and you aren’t the only parent that feels them. It is ok to feel those feels. Parenting is so hard, much harder than it’s lead on to be. With that we have to show ourselves some grace. We aren’t going to be perfect, because perfect doesn’t exist. We do our best with the tools we have. So the next time you feel terrible for feeling like you want to be done with parenting, just remember you’re not an awful parent because almost every parent feels the same thing at different points.


How To Start Your Own Boutique

Tate + Zoey is an amazing company to be an affiliate with. The community that comes with being part of the company is extremely supportive and very much go progressive. Tate + Zoey want you to succeed, the corporate side of things provides you with everything you need in order to run your boutique. When Tate + Zoey first approached me I was sold. I was a brainless choice for me because I took one look at the merchandise and was in love. If I could fall in love so fast, I knew others would too.

I’ve now built a successful boutique business and on a mission to help other individuals thrive. I am available to mentor anyone who may be interested in starting their own boutique or even just dabbing into the affiliate marking game in general. If you’re interested in starting here’s the basics of Tate + Zoey:

Our Mission is to change lives with a gift

Our Vision is to create a lasting legacy, the ultimate gift

Our Values are authenticity, connectivity and fun.

Online Gift Boutique:

*Only $79 to join – includes products and 4 months of website maintenance 

*Product packs available for newbies to kickstart their business

*fun, personal, memorable on-trend gifts


*NO monthly quotas!

*Empowering community with full training & marketing resources

*New product launches every 1-3 months

*Free online gift planner

*Gifting experience is unique with personalized cards to each recipient

*Earn up to 40% commissions on personal sales.

If this looks like something you’re interested in, let’s have a chat! Or if you’re ready to hit the ground running, hit the link to take you to the set up page.


Why I Joined Savvi

Here’s why I joined Savvi…

I started because I needed something more in my life. A short glimpse into our life: when 2020 hit and COIVD shut everything down, our beloved restaurant was 100% affect by it. We had to shut the doors of our only stream of income…back up just a tad, I was let go from my job at the beginning of COVID. We were forced to shut the restaurant doors after about 5 months into lockdowns. We were at an all time low. No money, no jobs to be had, five children to try our very best to keep a roof over their heads and to keep food on the table. We were spinning.

After some serious soul searching, and divine intervention, my husband was able to establish his own catering company (yay!) but it still wasn’t enough. By this point, school were shut down indefinitely, which meant, our 5 children were home, ALL THE TIME. I HAD to stay home with our kids because of lovely (sarcasm to the fullest) distance learning. There was no way I could take a job outside of our home because I had 5 kids to get onto calls and do homeschooling with. That quite literally was a job in itself.

So catering business wasn’t enough, I couldn’t work outside our home, bills weren’t being paid, we still weren’t even remotely back on our feet. I like to tell people it felt like we were dropped in the middle of the ocean with only one lifejacket for my family of 7. Constantly on the verge of drowning but didn’t quite drown. 


Cut to, me finding the businesses I run. I found a way to help support my family from home. In the time of distance learning and being a SAHM, I realized that was where my happy place was. Even though homeschooling took every ounce of being, I loved being at home with my kids. When I first started working with Savvi, I planned on doing it as some passive income, just to make ends meet, to help keep the lights on & put food on the table. What I didn’t realize it that it was going to lead to such a bigger opportunity.

I started running my beloved business from home and I found 

1. Income to support my family

2. More of a purpose for myself. 

I realized how much joy my clients were getting from the products they purchased and how much I loved talking to them and hearing their story. I wasn’t just selling leggings, I was spreading joy to a woman who hadn’t looked at her self in a positive manner, for 10+ years. I got to hear a story of how a woman felt sexy again after wearing Savvi. I listened to my client cry because she finally found a pair of leggings that actually fit and flatter her body. I found joy, excitement, delightfulness, empowerment & happiness. Savvi has been one of the best things that’s happened to me.

This is my why. I had a bank account at $0 and 5 kids to feed. 

What’s your why??

Whatever your why is, I’m here and Savvi is ready for you. Click this link to get started, or you can message me/email and I can answer whatever questions you have. I hope you’ll consider becoming part of this unbelievable community.

xx Kelsey


12 Phrases to use when talking to children

Talking to kids can come so easily. They have thoughts about everything and stories for miles. They see the world in a completely different light, and could ask enough questions to fill an afternoon.

But sometimes finding the right words for talking to kids can be really, really challenging. When choosing how to respond to the marker on the wall, or the seemingly unending why-can’t-I battle, or in simply keeping healthy communication open with kids who don’t want to talk, the words don’t seem to come so easily.

In challenging situations, our frustration and/or overwhelm seems to bubble over, clouding any cohesive sentence structure we might have put together. The pressure is on, we need to “use our words,” but all we can muster is a non-verbal utterance resembling something like a cross between a growl and a guttural sigh. I find that in these really challenging moments, it helps for parents to have a few familiar and effective phrases in our back pocket. Words that have already been carefully selected before we lost our minds.


Here’s a list of my favorites:

1.“At the same time…”

Using the word “but” can complicate already tense conversations. Often seen as negating whatever came before, it can create confusion and hurt feelings. The phrase, “I love you, but…” or “I’m sorry, but…” comes off as “I love you, but not enough,” or “I’m sorry, but not really.”

Instead, use the phrase, “at the same time”. This phrase validates both what comes before and after as coexisting.

“I love you. At the same time, I can’t let you hurt other people.”I’m sorry you’re upset. At the same time, running away isn’t safe.”

2.“I need you to…/you need to…”

One of the biggest invitations for power struggles comes when we make our requests sound optional. We say things like, “Are you ready for lunch?” or “How about we get you dressed?” or “Do you want to pick up your toys?”

Those phrases are great IF we actually mean to give our child those choices. When we don’t, we need to be more clear. “You need to come to lunch, please.” “I need you to get dressed, please.” “You need to pick up your toys, please.”


3. “I see…”

“I see two children who both want the same toy.”
“I see you look very upset…”

Stating your observations as you come upon a problem helps to prevent you from placing blame or making assumptions. And that keeps everyone more open to problem-solving because you’re starting from a place of trying to understand, rather than trying to place blame.

Simply start by describing what you see in a completely nonjudgmental way. Then invite the children to help you fill in the rest.

4. “Tell me about…”

Similar to #3, the key to this phrase is not assuming. Whether you’re trying to understand what’s going on in a tiff between friends, or curious about the work going on in a painting or block structure, it’s better to ask for the child’s input rather than jump to assumptions. “Tell me about your picture…” works better than “What a lovely bear!” (especially when the bear was actually a dog.) “Tell me about what happened…” works better than jumping right in with, “I can’t believe you hit her!” (especially when the hitting was preceded by 2 hours of taunting.)

5. “I love to watch you…”

This is a great phrase to keep at the ready for every day, proactive relationship building (which always pays off when times get tough).

Simply letting a child know that you are watching them and enjoying them can go a long way in building their positive self-perception. Sometimes the best thing we can do to motivate good behavior and build good relationships is simply to notice the wonderful good that already exists.

“I love watching you play with your brothers.” “I love listening to you play the piano.” “I love to watch you build with your legos.”

It’s a simple phrase that lets a child know we notice them, while at the same time reminding us to slow down enough to be noticers.

6. “What do you think you could do..”

As experienced problem-solvers ourselves, it can be tempting to swoop right in and fix every problem. But it’s important that we give kids ownership of and practice with the problem-solving process.

“What do you think you could do to help your sister feel better?” “What do you think you could do to make things right with your friend?” “What do you think you could do to make sure everyone gets a turn?” “What do you think you could do to take care of this spill?”

Notice that children are not only invited to come up with a proposed solution, but to own it. “What do YOU think YOU could do…”

7. “How can I help…”

Similarly, there are times when a child clearly needs our help, but we want to be sure we help, not rescue. We want to offer our abilities without taking away their responsibilities. “How can I help you with this broken glass?” “How can I help you clean your room?” “How can I help you understand your homework?”


8. “what I know is…”

There are times when our kids tell us things we KNOW are not true. But when we jump to, “That’s a lie!”, they typically shut down or become defensive.

Whether it’s lying, magical thinking, or a complete misunderstanding, we can avoid an argument or an overreaction by calmly starting with what we know.

“What I know is that there were four cookies on the plate when I left.” “What I know is that toys can’t move by themselves.” “What I know is that Jesse’s mom wasn’t home today.”

9. “Help me understand..”

Similarly, inviting a child to help you understand, is less accusatory than “explain yourself”. It communicates that you don’t understand, but you WANT to.

“Help me understand how this got here.” “Help me understand what happened.”

10. “I’m sorry…”

Kids aren’t always the ones making the mistakes in these difficult situations. Sometimes our imperfections are the best starting point for important learning opportunities. When we apologize for our shortcomings, we model how to make appropriate apologies, but also teach our children that we all make mistakes. When they see us acknowledge and apologize, they learn that they can do the same. Additionally, when we repair our relationships, we make them stronger.


11. “Thank you…”

Along with all the hard situations, we have to acknowledge the great ones (or even a great sliver of a really hard day). Just like we want to know our hard work is appreciated every day, our children want to know that their effort is noticed as well.

“Thank you for packing your lunch this morning.” “Thank you for being such a respectful listener.” “Thank you for helping your sister.” Even, “Thank you for doing your jobs. I know you wanted to do other things first. (Unspoken: Because you threw a big fit beforehand.) I really appreciate you doing it even though it was hard.”

12. “I love you”

With all the words we search for, these three should come easily and frequently. With our words and with our actions, our kids should know that through thick and thin, we ALWAYS love them.

There are two truths that seem to be true in regards to child development:

  1. All learning and development happen in the context of human relationships.
  2. Healthy human relationships, particularly in families, are built on unconditional love.

Before, during and after our most challenging situations with our kids, we should convey to them that they are always safe and loved, no matter what. Love can compensate for all kinds of parenting mistakes. Even when we can’t find the right words, or when those words just don’t come out like they should. When they come from a place of love, and when that love is consistently made clear, we eventually find our way back together.

Parenting is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life. There is not one way of doing it, there isn’t a manual of the right and wrong things to do. There are just suggestions of what has worked for some. These have worked for me with my five children, do they work every time? Nope. Because my children, like all children are not the same every moment of every day. Above all, patience is what I strive to have. I try to model with the best of my ability, positive and constructive communication as well as empathy. Growing up is a really hard thing to do, and I think that we as parents tend to forget that because we made it through. Have grace with your children. It’s a great big world and they’re trying to find their place in it.



Rating: 1 out of 5.