Grocery Delivery Service- Why you should use it

Hear me out. I used to stick my nose up to grocery delivery services. Why? In my distorted mind, it was more logical of me to take my five kids into the store, search around aimlessly for whatever it was I needed, deal with 15 tantrums, break out into a full fledge sweat, be so overwhelmed with life that I wanted to run away, feel ashamed that people were looking and judging me with the screaming kids and the lack of control I had with everything….than to pay and extra few dollars for my groceries.

If this sounds like your thought process, listen to this. Someone once told me that delegation was the key to a successful business. I am running my family’s business, “the household.” I am me and only me with 5 kids while my husband is at work. And truth be told, he works ALL THE TIME. But he supports the family financially so no complaints here.

However, I’m running this ship solo and am trying to find ways to better manage my “business.” So I thought, if I could delegate this ONE task to someone else, would that make my “business” run smoother? (Again, “business” meaning, sahm duties) The answer was yes.

So reluctantly as I was to try ordering my groceries and having someone else get them for me, I did. And do you know what?

The time I saved by not going to the grocery store was incredible. The SANITY I saved by not going to the grocery store was even more AMAZING! I was sold.

Now you’re probably asking, was it worth the few extra dollars. YES!

I personally use Instacart as my grocery deliver service. There are so many local stores that I can shop from. Since I use Instacart so much they gave me a coupon for you to try it out. You will get $10 off your first order as well as free shipping! It’s a great little incentive to test the waters.

You can download the app on your phone, or you can log on to your computer to put in your grocery order. The convince of ordering makes life of a busy mom, simpler. If you’ve been on the fence about it, hope on over the the time and sanity saving side. I’m available if you have any questions.

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