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How Quickly We Forget…

Shoutout to all you rockstar mama’s who are in the thick of it right now with a newbie. 

My “baby” is 3.5 now and I CAN NOT believe how quickly I forgot how difficult it is to do anything with a new baby.

Here I am yesterday…My friend needed help to watch her son, she picked up an extra shift and her sitter fell through, Times are tough and I happily obliged to help. Mind you, I have five kids of my own and we had a friend over last night too, so I had six kids plus this sweetie.

Cut to this peanut starting to shriek shortly after he was dropped off. Now, having five children, you’d think I’d know exactly what to do….I FROZE. It was such a weird feeling; 

1. Because it wasn’t my child and typically I’d know what the cry meant, but 

2. I forgot what to do! 


After a moment of ummmmmmm blanking. I got my ish together and started checking off all the boxed; diaper, hot/cold, hungry, tired, over stimulated, etc. Turned out he was hungry. Before if figured out he was hungry I threw him into this contraption, which I DID NOT have for my kids. So as you can see it’s probably ass backwards and inside out and I don’t have the slightest idea where all those clips where supposed to go but I got him in and he didn’t fall out so it was a WIN. 

I fed him in the carrier, because there was no way I’d be able to get him back in if I took him out… then swaaaaaaaaaaaayed for about five mins and he passed out….Now what??? I had six other kids I needed to tend to but I couldn’t do that with a baby on me because he would wake up…The night continued on like this, trying to figure stuff out on the fly with seven kids (including the baby) in the house…..oh and I forgot to mention, I was BY MYSELF. I husband was working last night so I was flying solo….so fun.



Further more, we also must be patient with any mama with any children no matter if she has 1 or if she has 10. This ish is so hard, and those first days of new baby that turn into the first few weeks that then turn into the first couple of months, then years etc. It’s all a blur and we so quickly forget the terrain we just trudged through.

Support the mama. Ask HER if she needs to eat or take a nap or go sit in silence. Ask HER how she’s doing because the baby is fine, I promise. Mama must not be forgotten. To all those mama’s with new babes; I SEE YOU! — I know you don’t see a light at the end of this exhausting, draining, demanding tunnel, but there is. Those precious babies grow up right before your eyes. It goes so much faster than you ever anticipated. You blink and they’re 3.5, you pause then they’re teenagers, then you have another birthday and they’re grown adults with their own babies.


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