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How to Keep Track of Child Memories

I started emailing my kids about four years ago. Right after my youngest was born. I came across this idea and thought it was a really fun and current, way to keep memories for my kids.

I created email accounts for each of my kids. I am the only one with the password. I sent out their email addresses to all of their relatives and asked for them to send little notes or photos randomly, to the email accounts.

When my kids turn 18, I’ll give them their account with full access to all of the emails. 


Why did I start?

I started because I’m terrified of forgetting. I get anxiety from thinking I won’t remember something really important in their life. The email accounts give me and the rest of their family the ability to not let them forget those fun and memorable moments.

Why I love it

I love it because of the New Years. Every year on January 1st, I send each of my kids an email summing up the year. The email entails major and minor events. For years like these past two years, (ahem, co^!d) It has served as a great reflection of their character. It is a reminder of what they’ve been able to overcome at such a young age. I also love it because It’s another form of dialogue for us. I don’t always get to say the things I want to say out loud. But I always say them through writing. 

My hope

I hope that when they look back through all their emails, that they’ll see they were loved and supported by many people throughout their childhood. And with that I hope it gives them the confidence to take on adulthood.

Artwork Storage

Are you a art wannabe hoarder like me? What’s that? I’m the type that really wants to keep all of my kid’s art projects, paining etc., but I also can not handle any sort of clutter in the house. I keep art for a week at a time then I end up tossing it. Until now. Now I scan the artwork into my computer or onto my phone and email it to the kid’s address. This serves as a way for me to store the artwork without the clutter, and it gives my children the opportunity to look back on the things they have created. Granted by the time they are 18, I doubt they’ll want to look at the same flower they painted 15 times, but hey, you never know.


School Photos

You know those (typically) awful school pictures you spend about $100 on in the fall and the spring. Now you can keep a copy of those for your kids in their email. Scan it with your phone or you computer and send away. It’ll be a great trip down memory lane, looking back at those.

Send whatever you want.

If you think of something funny, something important, a milestone, a memorable moment you might forget, anything, send it in the email. The age of technology is here and now, let’s use it to our advantage and not forget these moments from our children’s childhood.

xx Kelsey

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