How to start an online business TODAY

Let’s talk Red Aspen. Red Aspen is a “pop on” nail and Lashes company. You might be thinking, “what the heck is pop on nails?” Pop on nails are the newest technology of temporary nails. These nails, also known as dashes are stay put for 14 day and the price point was designed to be affordable for any budget.

This means, nail sets are only $14 or $16. The other amazing commitment Red Aspen has made is in regards to the adhesive, aka the glue. They have designed the formula so it does not damage your natural nail.

When you sign up with Red Aspen, the only commitment you are making is that you will hit sales of $240+ within a 6 month span. Which, in my honest opinion, you can easily hit that in your first month! You make 25%-35% on every sale.

The beauty of this business, is it is very easily breaks down to you wearing and sharing the nails or lashes. Your customers will come back again and again after they try them.

Here is the breakdown of the different starter packages. In addition to what your package comes with, you will get 1-on-1 mentorship with me, and be added to a community of entrepreneurs who want to see you succeed.

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