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Parenthood is extremely complex. It is finding the balance of raising your child to be a successful, respectful and responsible adult while not being a dictator and an authoritative parent. We want our children to feel respected but also know where the boundaries are and how to cope with them. In all honesty, being a parent sucks! It’s never fun to have to follow through with consequences. Even though they don’t mean it when they say “I hate You” It still stings just as much. I LOVE being a mom but parenting is rough! Here are some tools and blurbs that I’ve used to help in this parenting journey.

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Rules To Teach Your Daughter

1. Make your bed every day, even if it’s right before you get in it. 2. Don’t wear holey underwear…in case you’re in an accident and they cut your clothes off. 3. Travel light through life. Keep only what you need. 4. It’s okay to […]

Rules To Teach Your Son

1. Never shake a man’s hand sitting down.2. Don’t enter a pool by the stairs.3. The man at the BBQ Grill is the closest thing to a king.4. In a negotiation, never make the first offer.5. Request the late check-out.6. When entrusted with a secret, […]

Continuous Parenting – what’s that?

This is an interesting read for any parent feeling the burned out sensation. The world we live in is a lot different than the one our parents raised us in. Technology has made it possible for us to be in constant contact with our children, […]

The Power of words

Read this to your child or do it with your child. It is a powerful example of how words have an impact and can have an everlasting presence. There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag […]

12 Phrases to use when talking to children

Talking to kids can come so easily. They have thoughts about everything and stories for miles. They see the world in a completely different light, and could ask enough questions to fill an afternoon. But sometimes finding the right words for talking to kids can […]

Let Them Be Little…

Let them be little… Let them have their space to make noise, even though it makes your head pound. Let them have the tantrum…because they’re just learning how to communicate and deal with their big emotions. Let them get dirty…because they’re learning through nature. Let […]

Where’s The Manual??

Parenting would be soooooo much easier if they just gave you the manual for a child as you were leaving the hospital. Instead it’s a, here’s a free (but not really free) wheel chair ride to your car with your new baby….good luck. Not helpful. […]

Parenting Reflection

May you be blessed with a child who… Defies you so you learn to release control, With one who doesn’t listen So you learn to tune in, With one who procrastinates So you learn the beauty of stillness, With one who forgets things So you […]

Life Conversation Starters

As parents there are many different items on our agenda to teach our children before they leave the house. In our short 18 years with our children a lot of life happens but generally speaking, there isn’t a lot of adult life/rough life that happens […]

Common Misconceptions About Toddlers

We can all agree that toddlers can be EXTREMELY challenging at time. Some are definitely more challenge consistently, compared to others. But hey, remember we aren’t doing the comparing game so just read on only thinking about your little babe. When you think toddler, do […]

On Any Given Day…

On any given day as a parent, do you feel over it? When you realize parenting is a lot harder than you thought it would be. And the parenting aspect of being a Mom/Dad really isn’t that fun. Sometimes you think back to the times […]

Why shifting away from praise is something to consider

By shifting from praise to acknowledgment, you are helping your child build their own sense of self, learn how to accept themselves for who they are, and learn what feels good in the way they treat others. 5 key points to make the shift from […]

The 9 Year Change

Congratulations! You made it through 8 years of parenting, that’s a true accomplishment. All this trials and tribulations you and your child went through were all building block for coming attractions. Welcome to the first new ride after 8, this is what we in the […]

Understanding toddlers & seeing the world through their lens

Give Toddlers significance, belonging, and acceptance for who they are Seeing the world through our toddler’s eyes helps us see their perspective. This is similar to empathizing with, or having compassion for, our child. Whichever we choose, we recognize that everyone is right in their […]

4 ways to cultivate cooperation in your toddler

Cultivating cooperation in a toddler is a tricky thing. Toddlers are naturally curious they are impulsive, and they are servants to their will.  These four simple tools help to give your toddler a sense of control, which is a big factor in the cultivating cooperation. […]

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