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Let Them Be Little…

Let them be little…

Let them have their space to make noise, even though it makes your head pound.

Let them have the tantrum…because they’re just learning how to communicate and deal with their big emotions.

Let them get dirty…because they’re learning through nature.

Let them take out all your pots and pans…because they are mimicking you and are inspired by you.

Let them tell you the hour long story…because they are using their imagination.

Let them push your limits…because it is a reminder to be in the moment.

Let them cry…because owies hurt and sadness is real.

Let them enjoy nature for all it is…because it is an everlasting treasure in our world.

Let them wonder and be curious….because they are broadening their thinking about expanding their minds.

Let them be silly…because that silliness will help get them through a lot in their life.

Let their personality and character shine…because the more they are comfortable in their own skin, the less self-esteem issues they’ll have later.

Let them fail…because learning happens through failure.

Let them love with their whole heart…because this worlds could use a lot more of that.

Let them be little…

I wish I had someone constantly reminding me to let them be little, when my children were little. There is so much joy and beauty in a child. We mustn’t diminish that spark. They are only little once. And I PROMISE you, even when you’re in the THICK of it, it goes by much faster than we’re ready for.

Children are simply learning how to exist in this great big world. Our world is a busy one. Let your children be your reminder to slow down and enjoy what is important in this life.

xx Kelsey

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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