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Motherhood is more than being a mom…

We can all probably agree, being a mom is an incredible adventure. As amazing of an adventure, there is one pitfall of being a mom, unfortunately, mom’s are more likely to lose their sense of self (identity), compared to dads. (No offense men!)

Our civilization has always portrayed the woman as the care taker and the man as the worker. This may still be true today but it’s more complex. Women are now working outside the home + being the primary care taker too. So, that means women are doing double the load and consequently, diminishing their time to take care of themselves.

Ooh but wait! Women aren’t allowed to take time for themselves without being called selfish, remember?

It is high time to put a stop to that. How is it that women are expected to carry the weight of the family on their shoulders if they aren’t taking care of themselves? How are you supposed to pour from a cup that is empty?

In an effort to make a change, this is a challenge for any mom or a woman who feels she has lost herself. To the woman that has given everything she has to her kids and her husband, but neglected herself. To the woman who dreams of alone time but will forfeit it for her husband, kids, or family. To the woman who has a hard time recognizing the woman looking back at her in the mirror……This is for you.

2022 she’s loving herself enough to get comfortable enough with phrases like

“This is going to work for me”

This year she is loving herself enough to not only set bourndaries but remain committed to enforcing them

 For 2022 she’s loving herself enough to stomp on the eggshells that others around her uncomfortably tiptoe

This year she’s loving herself enough to know that her best flex is living the life that truly makes her happy

Step into this challenge and see how things start to shift in your life. You are more than “just a mom,” you are a woman worth of boundaries + self-care. It is time to start advocating for yourself, be the change you want to see.


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