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About My Boutique

Here in my boutique you’ll find unique gifts for all occasions. Change lives with a gift. You’re right that might seem like a bit much but let’s think about it. What is that first initial feeling when you see or hear when you receive a gift? -JOY- By sending joy, you’re changing lives. In that moment, you changed their mindset, their mood and their value of self-worth. In the boutique I have gifts for every occasion: birthday, anniversary, gifts for guys, gifts for women, wedding party gifts, home decor, you name it and I have it. Click here to start shopping

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How To Start Your Own Boutique

Tate + Zoey is an amazing company to be an affiliate with. The community that comes with being part of the company is extremely supportive and very much go progressive. Tate + Zoey want you to succeed, the corporate side of things provides you with everything you need in order to run your boutique. When…

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10 Gift Ideas for Real Estate Agents

You did it! You made the sale, you close on the house, your clients are through the roof excited for their new adventure of being home owners! But you can’t just walk away from them without a gift. For the final seal the deal gesture, real estate agents everywhere are giving closing or selling gifts…

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Gift Ideas Under $25

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees (as much as we wish it did!), and if you’re like me and have a lot of friends who you like to shower with gifts, but you’re also on a tight budget, these gifts under $25 are perfect to get the job done and stay on budget.…

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How to Never Forget a Gift

If you’re anything like me, your memory might not be as efficient as it used to (silent sob). However, I’ve got a lot of Italian in me, which means I’m a big GIVER. I always try to make sure everyone gets some sort of gift for their birthday, anniversary, graduation, baby shower, Valentines, Date night,…

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March Promo – $1 to start your own online gift boutique!

I know it may seem like a joke but this secret is out….you can open your own online gift and home decor boutique for $1. There’s not much in life you can get for a dollar. BUT what can you turn $1 into???? We are in a massive expansion right now and which means it…

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