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No matter what happens, see you at home…

Many people think that living as a couple is always rosy …, but this is the true reality.

Living with the person you love is not what everyone thinks it is.
You don’t get up early in the morning to have breakfast together in bed. It is not snuggling into bed together until we fall asleep peacefully each night. It’s not always having a clean house and the perfect food freshly made every day.

Living with the person you love is arguing over simple things, like who forgot to take out the trash … it’s falling asleep because the day has been hard and you’re exhausted … it’s arguing over financial issues, it’s someone who takes your sheets off you when you sleep and wake up from the cold …, arguing and jumping over nothing, just tired, etc.

But despite everything, every day you look forward to seeing that person or you go home every day to meet that same person that you know loves and cares about you.

You laugh the moment he accidentally did something funny, it’s imitating each other, it’s making dinner together as we talk and making it easier to get along because we both had a rough day.

It is living an emotional crisis and having someone who with love sits by your side and hugs you and tells you that everything will be fine, that everything will be fine … and you believe it.

It’s loving that same person even when it drives you fucking crazy and drives you out of your mind.
Living with the person you love is arguing over trifles, stupid and constant …, but it is also having a love that many people spend their lives looking for. Or that many times they tried to take you away, but that love was stronger …

It is not perfect and it is very difficult to keep it balanced every day, but it is wonderful and the best you can experience, because if it was easy, what a shame if it was easy, because then, it would not be worth it.

That is why every day you think …, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, SEE YOU AT HOME.

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