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Non-toxic, what does it mean?

Every single product from the Wellness Shop is non-toxic, derived from plants, clean for your home and the environment.

The basic definition of “non-toxic” is not poisonous. Meaning if you or anyone in your family were to ingest any of the products, you/they, would not die. Yes, you’d probably get a tummy ache but death is not on the table. Where as if you ingest products like bleach, 409, Lysol, etc. those types of products are toxic and will cause severe harm to your body and the possibility of death is a real threat.

To better understand the Wellness Shop and it’s products, I have an informational video for you to enjoy.

Password: Heat (password is required so write it down. It is case sensitive as well)

Fill out the information below if you’d like to try the wellness shop. The month of May is $1 membership for the year!

My family started using the Wellness Shop because of my children’s asthma. For the longest time I could not figure out why my children’s asthma was getting triggered so often. After doing some research and talking with their pediatrician, we figured out it was the products I was using to clean the house. I was (unknowingly) sending them into asthmatic episodes every time I was using Lysol, Bleach, any of the cleaning products we had, really.

Knowing what was triggering them was step 1. Figuring out what to replace those products with, was step 2.

At this point, I was very skeptical about any products because I had believed thee products I was using were good. In fact, I’ve used those products my whole life because my parents didn’t know any better either. Feeling like I was being lied to for most of my life wasn’t a good feeling. So going into looking for new products to use, I definitely had my guard up.

I found the Wellness Shop that checked off all my boxed. Still with some hesitation I tried it, mostly because I could cancel if I wanted to. Low and behold, my family and I loved the products. Every month we would try new products, my oldest daughter and I LOVE the Sei Bella line. I love the feeling of being comfortable with the make up she’s putting on her skin. However, the BEST result of switching to the Wellness Shop was the reduction of the asthma attacks. My children were not being triggered by any of the cleaning products, and this my friend, was a HUGE win.

All in all, the wellness shop has been a saving grace for us. I am here to share all the wonderful benefits it has to offer, in an effort to help other families like mine that have asthmatic children.

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