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Pep Talk For Mamas

Motherhood is hard!

 The complexities of motherhood can easily consume our mind. All too often mother’s everywhere are feeling self-doubt and less than. 

Motherhood equates to at least a two person job, that we are doing solo. We take on all of the responsibilities because it’s just written into our DNA that way. 

But all of the pressure of motherhood and this notion of “perfection” get to be too much. We end up losing sight of the whole point of motherhood….being a Mom.

So be the mom you want to be. Be the fun mom. Be the strict mom. Be the weird mom. Be the mom that all of you kids love to be around. Be the mom who has a child going to Ivy League college. Be whatever mom you want to be. 

But be consistent. Keep showing up for your child with whatever mother you chose to be. Be there. Be present. And KEEP GOING.

Don’t you dare give up mama! You are doing the damn thing! If you’re feeling overwhelmed (which you probably are), accept it, because honey, you are working your ASS OFF! Sit in those feelings, acknowledge them, accept them then fix that crown of yours and keep going. 

You got this babe!

xx Kelsey

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