Shopping at My Wellness Shop

Let’s get right to it! Shopping at my wellness shop has never been easier or more affordable. Here’s a brief overview of the shop:

Think of my wellness shop as the “Amazon” of clean, plant-powered products. In the shop you’ll find over 400 products, including but not limited to: supplements, essential oils, weight loss plans, premium coffee, daily needs, baby care line, beauty products, premium skin care, and more!

Products are shipped in 2-3 days (hello fast & convenient)

How it works:

  • There is an annual membership fee of $19 (yes, just like Amazon, except 1/3 of the price). What this fee covers is your 30-50% discount on all products in the shop.
  • In order to keep the discounted prices, there is a “requirement” for your monthly purchases which is 35+ in volume points which equates to about $50/month.
  • Now, this might seem off-putting but realistically, this isn’t asking you to shell out anymore money than you already do.
  • What I am providing you is the opportunity to use clean, safe, products in your home. The same products you’re already buying from the other stores, but they are clean, safe and good for our environment. So it’s not spending more money on these products, it’s shifting your shopping to my wellness store instead of buying the toxic products from amazon or target.
  • Oh and did I mention, my plant-powered, clean products are more affordable than those big name stores!
  • DON’T WANT TO SIGN UP FOR THE MEMBERSHIP? No problem! You can still shop at the wellness shop. Want to try products before committing to a membership? This is the perfect solution for you!

If this seems like something you’re interested in, let’s chat. Fill out this form to get more information.


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