The change isn’t big (financially)

Shopping at a new store can hold some anxieties. You aren’t familiar with the products yet or the flow of the website/storefront. It seems foreign and we all know change is hard. You might be feeling some hesitation with the wellness store and the “commitment” to spending 35 points/month to keep you mega discounts available to you. But hear me out…

Honestly I was nervous about being able to shop for 35 points a month as well to qualify as a preferred customer (which is spending about $15 a week in the store). However, what I found was this is like a green Walmart or Costco with over 400 products.

So you can literally redirect your same shopping dollars that you’re spending at local stores over to Melaleuca for way better products with much higher quality ingredients, that are the same price if not less expensive than what you are currently spending now. 

For example, check out this list. You can check off everything you currently shop for right now and then it will pop up with all of the Melaleuca items that you can swap out for way higher quality non-toxic safer for your home products.

And we get loyalty rewards for shopping here and free bucks backs to spend in the store on all shopping orders.

Something we do not get for shopping at the grocery store or other local stores. In addition, we get $100 in free shopping bucks that we can earn, plus we get access to the marketplace which gives us online discounts on over 670 different retail stores and more free bucks back with all purchases in those online stores.

So many great benefits to the membership! 

This is our product survey that will show you which items we have for you that are non-toxic and clean, in comparison to the products you are currently using.

Fill out this form if you are ready to start shopping my wellness shop, or if you would like more information.

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