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To the Seasoned Mom

Here’s your gentle reminder to all you seasoned mama’s out there.

It’s natural for us to be so relieved we aren’t in the infancy & toddler phase. The non-stop attention phase. Where we lose ourself and sadly most of our friendships.

If you’re out of that phase, this is for you. Turn back around and help a new mama out. 

Call her

Send over a meal

Watch the baby or toddler for her so she can take a shower or go for a walk or grocery shop by herself

Go out of your way to include her in something – even if that means you just go to her house and chat.

Make her feel less alone.

Early motherhood is entirely lonely! And that’s very easy for us with older children, to forget.

Stay humble. Remember what it was like. Do something about it.

One simple gesture can change a new mama’s day, week, month, year. 

New mom’s need to feel loved too. Reassure her that she’s doing amazing work. Remind her, if she’s feeling overwhelmed, that she’s not a failure.

Stay humble ladies

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