Top Reasons To Switch To Plant-Powered Products

What do you look for when buying cleaning supplies? I’ll admit that special offers, economy-size bottles, and promises to kill 100 percent of germs can be persuasive.

But what’s the true cost of these toxic cleaning products to your health and the environment? And even if they do get your kitchen surfaces as clean as they say, what about your conscience? 

With so many natural cleaning products around these days, it could be time to go all-natural. That’s not to say that you have to start making your own DIY cleaning products – although that is one option! Instead, I mean switching to green home cleaning supplies made with fewer harsh chemicals. 

But why should you ditch your big brand favorites for more natural cleaning products? 

1. Ensure Family Safety

Using all-natural cleaning supplies is a far healthier and safer choice for you and your family. For a start, you’ll avoid breathing in the harsh chemicals in toxic cleaning products. And, you’ll also reduce the chance of skin conditions such as eczema and respiratory infections. 

Such health risks are especially dangerous if you have young children at home. Breathing in toxic fumes from a young age can make them more susceptible to long-term health problems such as asthma. Plus, cleaning the floors and surfaces they touch with chemical-based products can make them more likely to experience skin irritations and allergic reactions. 

2. Help the Environment

Making the switch to natural cleaning products also helps protect the planet by limiting the number of dangerous chemicals you release into the environment. 

Conventional cleaning products are often bad news for the Earth’s natural resources. Many contain phosphorus and nitrates. Water treatment facilities are unable to remove these chemicals from wastewater. As a result, they then end up in waterways and poison your local ecosystem. 

3. Protect Your Possessions

Cleaning your home with toxic cleaning products can take its toll on your home’s floors, worktops, and furniture. This is because the harsh ingredients they contain are often corrosive. As a result, they can even reduce the lifespan of your home’s prized possessions. 

Another benefit of switching to green products is that they’ll take good care of your home while making it cleaner at the same time. Faded furniture and damaged veneering will be a thing of the past when you go all-natural. Thanks to the protective powers of organic cleaning supplies, your home will last longer and look better.

4. Avoid Allergens and Irritants

It’s good practice to open your windows and wear gloves when using standard cleaning products. But even then, it can be hard to avoid breathing in common toxic ingredients such as ammonia and acetone. What’s more, these chemicals linger in the air and on surfaces long after you’ve finished cleaning. They can then pose a risk to everyone in the household, but especially to those with allergies, asthma, or skin sensitivities. 

5. Save Money

Many people assume that organic cleaning supplies and all-natural cleaners will be more expensive. Not only is this not true, but natural cleaning products can even work out cheaper than their chemical counterparts. 

Often, you’ll need to use less of a natural cleaning product to achieve the same sparkling shine on your surfaces and floors. And, since they work in harmony with nature and the environment to protect your possessions, you’ll also end up saving money on household repairs and replacements. 

The switch doesn’t have to be scary. The wellness shop has a total home conversion kit that is less expensive than buying all the products individually, plus the price is going to be WELL under anything Target or Walmart would cost you.

Plant-Powered products that work!

Clean, plant-powered products are the future.

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