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Understanding toddlers & seeing the world through their lens

girl sitting on grass smelling white petaled flower

Give Toddlers significance, belonging, and acceptance for who they are

Seeing the world through our toddler’s eyes helps us see their perspective. This is similar to empathizing with, or having compassion for, our child. Whichever we choose, we recognize that everyone is right in their own eyes.

If our child grabs a toy out of another child’s hands, they are not trying to be naughty. If we look at it from their perspective, we can see they simply want to play with that toy RIGHT NOW. Then we can observe them, see if they need any help, or be ready to step in if needed.


We may think our child is being destructive because they are pulling the soil from the potted plants, but when we look from their perspective, we can understand that they are seeing something in their environment at they height that needs to be explored RIGHT NOW. We can observe them and  decide if we need to step in to remove the plant or may cover the soil

Instead of thinking that our child is trying to wind us up by poking our their tongue at us and then laughing, we can look from their perspective. They are testing out a new sound, seeing our reaction , and figuring out cause and effect. Again, let’s observe and see if they stop all by themselves. Or we may come up with something else that is ok and say something like “I don’t like when you poke your tongue out at me, but we can go and tumble on the carpet instead.”

When we stop to observe and remove the judgment, it opens us up to be able to see our child and accept them for who they are.


When we ask, “how can I get my child to be less shy/concentrate more/be more interested in are/ be more active?” And so on, we are not accepting them for who they are. Instead we can work to show our child we love them just as they are, where they are right now. Really that is what anyone wants.

Significance. Belonging. Acceptance for who we are. 

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