About The Shop

I’m so excited to share my boutique with you all! I have so many gift options I picked out for so many different occasions. I love that my items are cute, trendy and above all, AFFORDABLE! I posted a few pictures of some of my merchandise I sell. There are TONS more on my boutique website. Click the “start shopping” button below to take a look at the full shop. Thank you for supporting small business 🙂

If you’re interested in starting your own git boutique, let me know and I can get you set up!

Here’s just a few of the perks of starting your own business.

  1. Only $79 to join – included products and 4 months of website maintenance
  2. Earn up to 40% commissions on personal sales
  3. Product packs available for newbies to kickstart their business
  4. Fun, personal memorable on-trend gifts
  7. Oh and let’s not forget- NO MONTHLY QUOTAS!

*You are welcomed by an empowering community with full training & marketing resources

*We launch new products every 1-3 months

If this is something you might be interested in, click here so I can get you started 🙂

The new fall line is here!

Looking for a Candle to brighten up a room? Starting at $13.95

Looking for fun jewelry pieces that go with just about any outfit? jewelry starting at $10.50

bags for every occasion and everyday needs. starting at $12