What are important skills to teach teenagers?

These two are not unrelated. If the teenager feels loved, then he/she has a much better opportunity of learning how to handle anger in a positive way. However, if the teenager’s love tank is empty, the teenager will almost certainly handle anger poorly.

Love and anger go hand in hand because they are two of the biggest, strongest, emotions your teenager will experience during these years. 

It is imperative for parents to model and give love to their children. Model the appropriate way to display affection with your partner in public. Model an appropriate way to solve a dispute between you and your partner. Model what it means to be in a relationship and how yours works as a partnership.

Remember to show your teen love. Even though they probably pull away the moment you go in for a hug, keep showing love in ways they accept. Give a back pat, a high five, a hair touch, give a gift, spend time with them, verbalize you love them, support them, have compassion for their feelings, take an interest in their hobbies, etc.

When parents model the healthy behaviors, the child will reciprocate so long as consistency is there. Think of it this way. If a child/teen is raised in a house where the parents are yelling at each other constantly, there is not mutual respect, abuse, etc. They then will go into their relationship thinking what they were raised in, was normal.

It is the “norm” you are setting for your child when you model, anything. 

The teenage years, like all the rest you’ve survived, take a lot of patience. 

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