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What Fuels The Engine?

Coffee, love & sunsets

People often ask me, what keeps you going? You have 5 kids, a husband, multiple small business, a household to run, 45 different schedules to keep, etc. etc.

In the simplest form of an answer it’s this.

Coffee. is my best friend. I’ll drink it in the morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, whenever. Coffee keeps me going. There is always so much going on and as you know being a mother, we don’t typically get a lot of sleep to work with. Sometimes I drink coffee for pleasure but mostly it’s for work (i.e: mom duties). Hot, cold, steamed, cold pressed- I don’t care, give me it ALL!

Love. There is so much love that fuels my soul. Love runs the ship here. My family and I have been through so many storms, disasters, rock bottoms, never ending crap shoots, extremely unforeseen set of circumstances that were life changing, A LOT OF CONSTANT CHANGE & STRUGGLE – but before, during & after there has always been LOVE. At the end of each day no matter how hard, frustrating and challenging it was, I still feel the love and give the love.

Sunsets. Nature has always had a way of grounding me. The beauty of Mother Nature amazes me every single day. For those who don’t know me well, sunsets are my FAVORITE. No matter how shitty of a day I’ve had, if I see a sunset my mood and energy can & will change. Sunsets remind me that everything will be ok. It might not turn out the way I want it to but it will be ok. They are predictable. I know that when the sun goes down, the dark will come but in a few hours the light will shine again. Such is my life, such is motherhood. We go through the thick of it and yet the light still shines after. Nature is my calming to continue on.

If you had three word to describe how you get through the day, what would they be???

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