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Why a self-inventory is important

How do you want this ONE life of yours to play out? 

For the longest time I was letting life just go right past me. I was so consumed with all the toxic stuff happening around me, it was causing severe debilitating anxiety. 

I was entirely overwhelmed with my motherhood duties because I didn’t know I was able to practice self care. I thought it was selfish, and I could not bare being called a bad mom. I look for everyone else for approval of what I was doing in my life.

I busted my ass to get a graduate level degree, to then be judged by people for working in a preschool setting. I listened to all of the noise and couldn’t find any happiness in my life.

I was so lost…

And of all F-ing things….the pandemic saved me. I no longer had work, I was forced to homeschool my children, I was given the time to really look inwards and figure out what was important.

In that time of soul searching, I realized I wasn’t reaching my full potential. I realized, I wasn’t me anymore. I had lost that vivacious, fun, loving person. I was determined to get her back.

I started this blog to help educated parents about their developing children. I started a motherhood social media account to show mothers that they aren’t alone in this journey and their feelings are 100% valid and valued.

I started putting me as a priority again. I found my joy and it’s changed my life.

If you’re feeling stuck. If you feel like life is just passing by you and you need something to jump back into it. Let’s talk. I want you to find your joy again. Whether it’s looking for some income, figuring out what your passions are, making a schedule for self-care…Let’s figure it out to get you to 100% you again. 


Reach out – what do you need help with?

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