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Working out…What’s that??

The internal battle of a mother

Being a mom is tough as crap. There I said it, and I’ll say it again and again. There are many other phrases that justify the job of motherhood, but right now, this is my go-to. The amount of pressure mothers are put under is absolutely ridiculous.

In a glimpse: we carry the baby, we birth the baby, we deal with the glorious aftermath of birth (hello sexy adult diapers), our body trying to recover from a hell of a change, god bless all of you mama’s who had c-sections (ouch!), gaining weight, losing weight, luscious hair during pregnancy, losing all our hair postpartum, big boobs, little boobs, boobs that drag on the floor after we’re done breastfeeding, the shame for not “bouncing back” after baby, the glares from other moms, dads, mother in laws, society, social media (that list goes on forever) for parenting the way we chose instead of following the “norm” of what society tells us to do, the self doubt, the low self esteem, the guilt, oooooooooooh the guilt!, I think you get my gist.

All this pressure we have to deal with day in & day out, and were supposed to just cope with it all and still find the time to workout and have a healthy, society driven, body. How exactly? Remember that child that we just popped out of our whooohah that, let’s be honest, will never be the same, where does that child go while we are doing this said workout? Or better yet, what about those mama’s who have multiple children? Now your talking multiple kids needing someone to watch them while you workout. Oh, that’s right, there’s this whole fad going on right now about working out at home with your kids there…

I’m sorry but that’s a hock of crap. I’m a SAHM and I’ve tried COUNTLESS times to workout at home and it’s just not the same! I still have someone asking me to get them water, to wipe their butt, “what are you doing mama,” “I’m hungry,” the fighting, oooooh the fighting, it’s constant even when you’re trying to do a quick 30 minute workout. Ah, sorry, I forgot to mention the safety aspect of it too. Always having to look over your shoulder and behind you to make sure you’re not about to crush a little being, or knock someone over as your ass protrudes out while you do your squat. It’s not easy. It’s not impossible, but it’s also not for every mama.

If the thought of working out at home puts more stress on you, then don’t. That’s my two cents. Working out shouldn’t have to be an added stress for us. That’s the last thing we need, especially since it’s supposed to have such great mental benefits for us. If we’re stressed about potentially distressing, how the heck can we then destress? Get my drift?

I’m here to advocate for those mama’s that have a hard time trying to get a workout in with their kids. I’m here to say, “it’s ok” to not be “like those mom’s” who can do it. I’m here to say we are all on the same journey, but the boats may look slightly different. Motherhood is not a cookie cutter title. It’s hard as crap. If you have to pay for a crappy gym membership in order to get a 30 min workout in or even just go to the gym and do nothing. I’m here to tell you not to compare yourself to a mama who “can” workout at home graciously. There’s more behind that scene that meets the eye.

Get it in however you can. Don’t put stress on the workout part, how it’s done, where it’s done, or what is done. Moving your body every day is important, yes, but so is your mental health. Working out needs to be a happy experience. Because why would we want to do something that is completely miserable????? And babe, you do not have to do some fit body bootcamp type workout. Go take a walk, go run on the treadmill, go hike, squat at home, squat at the gym, squat while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, you get my drift. Let’ stop putting pressure on this “image” of working out. Move your body in a healthy way; physically and mental, and you’ll be ok.

We all live such different lives, yet we tend to only see just a small sliver of variety online. Do whatever works for you & do what makes you happy.


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